Adult Faith Exploration

The Adult Faith Exploration Ministry helps you grow in faith no matter where you are on your life’s journey. We welcome all with joy and offer programs and events that help you begin or expand your faith journey. Our goal is to enhance the educational and spiritual life of adults in our congregation and community. Come explore with us!




Bible Study

Second Wednesday of the month, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Contact Judy Arnold for more information.

Led by Reverend Judy Arnold, Associate Pastor, this informal group studies and discusses a different piece of scripture each time, looking at the historical, political, and religious factors. What does ancient scripture have to tell us about ourselves and the world we live in today? We seek to discover what God desires for each individually.


Prior Programs

Bible 101

We conducted a six week, small group Bible study, using the Massachusetts Bible Study curriculum, “What Is the Bible?” Read more…


3-Part Series on Death & Dying

Recently, we concluded our series on a topic rarely talked about: death and dying.  This links us with two mainstream efforts known as “Death Over Dinner” and “The Conversation Project,” which aim to bring the subject of death/dying out of the shadows and into the realm of more comfortable, normal conversation.  For an interesting link to some materials we used for preparation, please click here.

Summer Bible Study

Will return in July and August

Sundays before Worship, 9:00 AM in the Tucker Room
Contact Judy Arnold for more information.

Join us for an informal Bible study before worship each Sunday during the summer. We will gather in the Tucker Room and head upstairs afterwards to the Worship service at 10:00. This summer we will be exploring excerpts from the Hebrew Scriptures. Come join your fellow churchgoers for this nourishing activity!


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